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About US

We excel in providing high-quality materials and expert services tailored to commercial and residential needs. With our focus on customer satisfaction, innovative technology, and efficient service, we ensure durable and effective sun protection, 


Patio Enclosures Installation Services in Peoria AZ

Curious how to enhance your home’s value and comfort without breaking the bank? Phx Sun Screens specializes in transforming outdoor spaces with our comprehensive patio enclosure services. By choosing us, you extend your living area and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Our patio enclosure installation services in Peoria, AZ, offer significant benefits, such as increased property value due to the added square footage. They provide a controlled environment, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors without the discomfort of extreme weather conditions. It means you will have more leisure time to spend with your loved ones. Interesting part? The weather will not affect that.

Furthermore, our enclosures have every feature, like energy efficiency. Therefore, the heating and cooling costs will never break the bank. With custom designs that seamlessly integrate with your existing architecture, we ensure that each project reflects your style and meets your needs.

How We Bring Your Patio Enclosure to Life?

At Phx Sun Screens, our approach to creating the perfect patio enclosure involves a thorough process to meet your expectations and local regulations. Our patio enclosure services process starts with an in-depth design consultation, which is essential for knowing your vision, as it forms the cornerstone of the entire project. Subsequently, we provide support in construction planning, considering every aspect, from layout to material choices. Additionally, our team manages all facets of permit acquisition, alleviating you from bureaucratic complexities. We then proceed to the physical construction, which includes frame installation, setting up windows and doors, and applying roofing and insulation. We always focus on ensuring structural integrity and enhanced aesthetic appeal by executing every project flawlessly. Our process is transparent, with continuous communication, allowing you to be involved as much or as little as you like.

Terminating Common Outdoor Challenges

Phx Sun Screens is dedicated to resolving common issues associated with outdoor living spaces. Our patio enclosures combat extreme heat by providing ample shading and ventilation, creating a cooler environment. We address dust and debris accumulation using easy-to-clean materials. Our enclosures also enhance privacy and reduce noise pollution, making your patio a serene retreat. We minimize wind damage and maintenance worries by incorporating well-made materials.

Additionally, our designs integrate effective solutions for pests and insects, ensuring bugs and other creatures can’t access your luxury place. We also tackle the problem of limited outdoor space by optimizing the layout for more functional and versatile use. With our focus on aesthetic enhancements, we ensure that your new patio enclosure is practical and visually appealing, elevating the overall ambiance of your home.

Why Choose US

Year-round Comfort

Our patio enclosures are built with climate-controlled features, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort, whether in summer’s heat of summer or the chill of winter, making every day perfect for relaxation or entertainment.

Increased Home Value

When you opt for our patio enclosure, it significantly boosts your property’s market appeal and value. Our custom designs are functional and complement your home’s aesthetics, making it stand out in the real estate market.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

Our patio enclosures expand your living space, a transition between inside and outdoors. Designed to maximize light and views while protecting from the elements, they turn your patio into a versatile hub for dining, relaxing, or hosting events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Installation times vary based on the project’s complexity, but typically, we aim to complete most patio enclosures within three to six weeks after permits are secured.

Yes, all our patio enclosures are fully customizable to match your home’s existing architectural style, ensuring a seamless aesthetic integration.

Our enclosures are built to withstand Peoria’s weather, featuring durable materials and construction that protect against wind, heat, and other elements.